“We presented Babs with what seemed like a near impossible task. When my mom died, we needed to empty a house that had been inhabited for 55 years by people who didn’t like to throw things away, including a brain researcher who kept hundreds of file boxes around her house, and used the random access storage system. That is to say, valuable stuff was stashed with junk, and Babs needed to go through every box and every nook and cranny. Babs totally did it! It was an enormous task, but she got through it in a matter of weeks instead of the years it would have taken us, and she did it thoughtfully. She knew where to give things away or find buyers, and even found an organization that took old Danish books. She got rid of reams of paper, tons of recyclables and still managed to find everything from long lost photos, to little metal army men from my childhood! She cared about the people and history she was dealing with and she communicated regularly to make sure we were on the same page. Selling our old house was sad, but Babs helped us keep the memories we cherish and lose the dead weight that would have been holding us back. She went the extra mile, and then some. Way to go, Babs!
– Eric, Redwood City, CA

“Babs Harband came into our lives at a time of family tragedy. From the moment my daughter and I met her, we knew that we were engaging a professional with wide areas of expertise, strong organizing skills and a broad network of professionals at her fingertips. Our son had been an enthusiastic collector and had lots of things to go through: to give to charities, sell, or disperse among family members. Babs guided us through the painful process with quiet, compassionate competence. She knew exactly where specific items should be consigned in order to get their maximum value, and which non-profit would most benefit from specific donations. She helped us engage the moving company and monitored its activity with almost invisible but focused attention. We could not have endured the process without Babs and believe that she was vital to our working through this period of grief. We will always be in her debt. Thank you Babs.”
– Pat, Phoenix, AZ

“Hiring Babs Harband was one of the few issues that my husband and I have agreed on, absolutely no debate! The results have truly brought a sense of tranquility and calm to our home – we are two working parents, have two children, and have really struggled to find the time to keep our home life in some semblance of order. After her last visit, my husband, who is usually not a man of few words, simply said – ‘I love it when Babs comes over.
-Ginger, Burlingame, CA

“After eight years of being married to a packrat, moving while never fully unpacking, and one very busy six year old, my house was out of control. Babs came in and gave me back my sanity. When my family unexpectedly had to move again, Babs’ solutions made moving a snap and my new house came together quickly. Being organized has brought a peaceful feel to my home. I love being organized…I love Babs!!!” -Kelly, Burlingame, CA

“I would never have imagined how transformative of an experience it would be to have Babs come into our home to help us organize our garage. Once she put a system in place for us, we were able to transfer all of the stuff in our house that we don’t use most of the year (Halloween costumes, kids memorabilia, etc.) into the garage because we knew exactly where we’d be able to find it again when we needed it. So as a result, our whole home is cleaner and neater and our garage is amazing. Babs helped us make good decisions about the best way to store important things, donate stuff to the right charity, and label and sort things according to what needed to be accessible and what didnt. She is worth every penny!!” -Sari McConnell, Roosevelt Parent

“Everyone needs a Babs! She not only helped me become more organized, but she worked with my kids to teach them to keep their space organized, too. Projects that seem so daunting, like cleaning the garage or filing those photos, become manageable when you work with Babs.”
-Julie, Redwood City, CA

“Babs sees a project through to completion-even carting off your give-away bags and boxes to the charity of your choice. She gets the excess out of view and out of the house.”
-Persis, Marin, CA

“Our life hasn’t been the same since we met Babs. She worked miracles for us, our family, and our home. We sit in our home and can’t believe it’s ours; it is so beautiful! Life is so much less hectic and everything has a place. My husband loves that we have a key drawer. Babs is wonderful to work with. She understands the emotional side of de-cluttering and how hard it is. She’s creative and has new and interesting ideas for storage and organization. Even after the job is done, Babs is always thinking of you. Every home needs a little Babs.”
-Kathy S., Redwood City, CA

“Babs has handled my holiday shopping for the last five years with fantastic results. She has a great eye for value, is extremely reliable, and has made my life infinitely easier with her terrific sense of style. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone who wants to be a star on Christmas morning!”
-Scott, San Francisco, CA

“Babs Harband worked with me in orchestrating a highly memorable 80th birthday celebration for my father. Babs’ expert consultation provided me with an invaluable array of services from designing and producing unique vintage invitations, table and room decor ,to creating a wonderful book of photos that captured this most treasured and special event in honor of my father.”
-Leslie, Belmont, CA

“After my husband died, I had boxes and drawers full of photos that we had never organized. The thought of trying to go through them myself was overwhelming. Babs helped me create albums so that I have the memories of our life together where I can enjoy them. She also created albums for my kids and my mother, so they can share the wonderful times we had together. I never would have been able to do this without Babs!”
-Jan, Tiburon, CA

“Babs did a wonderful job organizing my children’s rooms. My eight year old daughter Hannah said she prefers to have Babs organize her room than her own mother. Hannah told me, “Babs is more fun to work with because she brings treats!” Seriously, though, we’re lucky to have found Babs Harband!”
-Lori, mother of three, Foster City, CA