Project Description


Babs Harband is especially adept at organizing children. She is patient and kind, but also firm in order to get things done. She gives a child solutions for their space and provides strategies to keep things neat. Children’s rooms can be part of a larger project or be the project. Helping children to develop a sense of where things belong now helps them to continue to be organized later in life.

“Mommy, don’t you think my room could be in a magazine?”-Katie, Age 10

“Brass Plum. Ann Taylor. Macy’s. Jackets. T-shirts. Sandals. Anything I had in mind, Babs was able to purchase to create a better wardrobe for me. She’s great at what she does. “
-Paige, Age 13

Kelly: Milo, come look at your desk.
Milo: Why, did Babs fix it? (He comes in and looks)
Kelly: Well, what do you think?
Milo: Wow

Kelly: Would you like to call Babs and tell her how nice it looks?
Milo: No, I am too overwhelmed to use words. – Milo, Age 7 and his mom, Kelly

“Babs did a wonderful job organizing my children’s rooms. My eight year old daughter Hannah said she prefers to have Babs organize her room than her own mother. Hannah told me, “Babs is more fun to work with because she brings treats!” Seriously, though, we’re lucky to have found Babs Harband!” – Lori, mother of three, Foster City, CA