Project Description


  • Organize any room in your home
  • Create closet solutions
  • Make your garage useable space
  • Create a working home office

  • Any organizational task you can dream up


“Hiring Babs Harband was one of the few issues that my husband and I have agreed on, absolutely no debate! The results have truly brought a sense of tranquility and calm to our home – we are two working parents, have two children, and have really struggled to find the time to keep our home life in some semblance of order. After her last visit, my husband, who is usually not a man of few words, simply said – ‘I love it when Babs comes over’.” -Ginger, Burlingame, CA

“After eight years of being married to a packrat, moving while never fully unpacking, and one very busy six year old, my house was out of control. Babs came in and gave me back my sanity. When my family unexpectedly had to move again, Babs’ solutions made moving a snap and my new house came together quickly. Being organized has brought a peaceful feel to my home. I love being organized…I love Babs!!!” -Kelly, Burlingame, CA

“Everyone needs a Babs! She not only helped me become more organized, but she worked with my kids to teach them to keep their space organized, too. Projects that seem so daunting, like cleaning the garage or filing those photos, become manageable when you work with Babs.” -Julie, Redwood City, CA

“Babs sees a project through to completion-even carting off your give-away bags and boxes to the charity of your choice. She gets the excess out of view and out of the house.” -Persis, Marin, CA

“Our life hasn’t been the same since we met Babs. She worked miracles for us, our family, and our home. We sit in our home and can’t believe it’s ours; it is so beautiful! Life is so much less hectic and everything has a place. My husband loves that we have a key drawer. Babs is wonderful to work with. She understands the emotional side of de-cluttering and how hard it is. She’s creative and has new and interesting ideas for storage and organization. Even after the job is done, Babs is always thinking of you. Every home needs a little Babs.” -Kathy S., Redwood City, CA