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“After eight years of being married to a packrat, moving while never fully unpacking, and one very busy six year old, my house was out of control. Babs came in and gave me back my sanity. When my family unexpectedly had to move again, Babs’ solutions made moving a snap and my new house came together quickly. Being organized has brought a peaceful feel to my home. I love being organized…I love Babs!!!”
-Kelly, Burlingame, CA


"Brass Plum. Ann Taylor. Macy’s. Jackets. T-shirts. Sandals. Anything I had in mind, Babs was able to purchase to create a better wardrobe for me. She’s great at what she does."
Paige, Age 13

“Babs sees a project through to completion-even carting off your give-away bags and boxes to the charity of your choice. She gets the excess out of view and out of the house.”
Persis, Marin, CA